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NetEnt High Roller Casinos For Linux

Recently gambling on Linux was next to impossible. The majority of online casinos did not create downloadable software for it. According to statistics, there are about 1.5 millions users of this operating system around the world. And Net Entertainment does care about them. The company was among the first developers, which had been creating the optimized games and slots for this OS.

Advantages Of These Gambling Houses

The delights of playing with NetEnt high roller casino are unquestionable. First of all, the withdrawal limits are incredibly high: they begin with $25,000 and end around $1,000 000. Secondly, no matter how much you have won; it takes maximum 2-3 days to get your cash. Certain gambling houses do it within 20 minutes.

And the last one: the high roller games of this provider have always been excelling in the wide range of pay-in and pay-out methods. So, your bank and place of living don't matter at all, you are free to play big and get big!

netent casinos for high rollers for linux

Exclusive Games

Games with no limit usually differ from others. Whales can allow themselves to experience the widest range of games. You can do whatever you want: spin a roulette, play different card games (including poker, baccarat, blackjack), testing the luck with millions of slots. By the way, gambling sites usually offer live streaming for high rollers, and NetEnt casinos are not an exception.

Upscale Bonus Offers

For those who want more, NetEnt online casinos have prepared a lot of bonuses. Let's start with the loyalty ones. They can be experienced by placing the big bets and playing for a long time. Usually, the offers mean match percentages, but sometimes can be given the special prizes.

Also, this program may be equal to special deposit and withdrawal options. VIP status allows you to get premium treatment and support. Plus, let's be logical - gambling with big money always means great security. You are less likely to be cheated on while operating with big amounts of cash.

Inspiration of High Limit Gambling

Someone said that one great action worth a thousand small ones. This rule more than ever fits in with the high rollers' philosophy. You should agree that winning $50,000 at once, for example, is more satisfying than winning $1 every day. Placing really big bets with NetEnt casinos can bring happiness every day! Furthermore, thanks to the bonuses, the fact that a bigger deposit gives you more possibilities to earn money can convince every headshaker.

Specifics of Linux

All Ubuntu-like operating systems have got features so loved by users. Among them we can name efficiency: this OS reads only needed parts of the hard drive. Many users can run one machine, opening many programs simultaneously.

The CPU is supported by the special 386 protected mode. The risk of failure of the whole program is minimal, as the single error cannot lay it down.

linux netent casinos for high rollers

Linux Optimization For NetEnt Casinos Games

All games offered by Net Entertainment are optimized for playing on Linux, regardless of the device. There's no difference between browser casino games and downloadable ones - you can play both ways without any problems.

To say honestly, the majority of gamble sites, including NetEnt based ones, cut a second type of gaming mode to the minimum.

Gaming Performance

All you need to have is a browser with HTML5 or/and Flash compatibility. If there is a need, you can install Wine or other Windows emulators. In this case, the players can forget about any possible problems connected with operating systems' distinctions. While comparing the NetEnt games on different platforms you will not see any difference.

Components For Improving

Linux is a very user-friendly system and you can customize it for better gambling experience. Firstly, it is reasonable to use a "sysv-rc-conf" utility in order to get rid of unnecessary processes. You will be amazed by higher productivity rates.

Secondly, pay attention to "Preload" daemon. It will cache the most frequently run programs. And the last thing you should do - run and optimize the "readahead" SP (system program). Loading it with the "profile" parameter will speed up the overall loading time.

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