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PC Components for Playing NetEnt High Roller Casinos

Despite all stereotypes, high rollers are the experienced businessmen and strategists, who most of all appreciate the efficiency and sense of duty in everything that surrounds them. The one of the greatest demand they make is for their PC. It must be equipped with the most modernized hardware, especially, if its owner is an online player. The key to the high effective game is a fast performance.

NetEnt Whale Staker Casino Specifics

For receiving pleasure in the process gambling at NetEnt casinos for high rollers you have to choose leaders of this segment. NetEnt is one of them. Founded by Pontus Lindwall, it takes roots into the world of games. This company enjoys the trust and popularity all over the globe for 20 years.

The number of the professional rewards including ERG Awards 2015 and partnership with famous figures confirms the respectfulness of this brand in the expert society. This developer uses its wide experience for providing the beginner and proficient online high rollers with such table games as: blackjack, roulette, baccarat, video pokers, scratch cards, etc.

computer components and high rollers casinos by NetEnt

Computer Equipment For Better Gambling

For a real success in the NetEnt world providing for all high rollers, you need not only your skills, but good equipment as well. Pay great attention to the hardware of a computer you use, in particular to its sound and graphic performance. You understand nothing in this area? Then we will tell everything you should know.

Sound Card

The sound cards can be in-built or external. In-built ones are integral into the motherboard, when externals are connected via USB or FireWire. Here we prepared the list of parameters you can get acquainted with for making a good choice:
  • Dynamic diapason must average at least 109dB
  • Signal to noise ratio should be at least 105 dB and higher
  • The card has to reproduce a frequency diapason from 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Analog converter (DAC) helps to change an analog audio into a digital audio. This is the most difficult attribute, because not always higher discretization gives better sound.
  • EAX technology. All sound schemes are to aliment EAX. It helps you to distinguish different locations. For example, a forest and dungeon.
  • ASIO the extra element. Its aim is to optimize and accelerate the sound transfer.

Don't worry, even if you choose the budgetary variant with the lower characteristics, you still be able to enjoy the high rollers' casinos games on the NetEnt platform.

Graphics Adapter

Video cards or graphic adapters are subdivided into:
  • Integrated, that suit for work with office applications, watching and editing photos, but not for gaming
  • Discrete, that can be used for work with the complex graphic programs as Corel Draw or Photoshop and modern plays, but they are very noisy and requires a lot of energy
  • Hybrid are created for work with some packs of the graphic applications and playing new games with standard settings
  • Dual discrete are designed for gamers and professionals. This type is much more expensive than the previous ones, but it has a higher performance
  • Hybrid SLI are an energy saving cards that have the high visual capabilities

Here you can find the list of parameters you must take into account for making a good choice:

  • Modern video cards have GDDR3 and GDDR5 types of memory. The second one is more for performance
  • Memory bus is responsible for data processing. Its compatibility must be at least 256-bit
  • Size of the memory

By the way, NetEnt plays work on all types of the graphic adapters.

netent casinos for high rollers and computer components

Manufacturers of The Best Components

Nowadays, there are a lot of computer components produced by various manufacturers. How do they differ? Which are better? Video cards are based on discrete graphics processors. They are made by two companies: Nvidia and AMD. But, you can hardly find a big diversity of their products.

As for the graphic adapter itself, the most popular brands in this area are ASUS, Sapphire, Gigabyte, MS. Zotac, Leadtek, PowerColor are less popular, in spite of the fact, that they device high-quality products. All they constantly fight for primacy by making the new and better models of different segments.

Among budgetary components we should notice:

  • GeForce GT440
  • Nvidia GT540
  • RadeOn HD4830
  • RadeOn HD5670
  • AMD HD6670

In the middle-class elements popularity was won by:

  • GeForce GTS450
  • Nvidia GTX560(Ti)
  • Nvidia GTX650 (Ti)
  • RadeOn HD6770
  • RadeOn HD6850
  • ACD HD7850

The high-classes cards are:

  • GeForce GTX670
  • GeForce GTX680
  • Nvidia GTX690
  • RadeOn HD6870
  • RadeOn HD6950/70/90
  • AMD HD7870

Sound cards manufacturers are much more vast. And so, it is quite difficult to pick out "the most important" and "the less important" representatives of this segment. Let's better try to distinguish the best examples of different price categories.

  • Low-cost heroes are:
  • ASUS Xonar DS
  • ASUS Xonar DG
  • Creative Audigy SE

To popular average price models belong:

  • ASUS ROG Xonar Phoebus
  • Creative Sound Blaster Z
  • Creative X-Fi HD

The high-expensed category includes:

  • ASUS Xonar Essence STX II
  • Focusrite Saffire PRO 40
  • LynxStudio AES16

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