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Casino Module Produced by NetEnt For High Roller Games as One of The Best Softwares

What can be better the long-standing Casino Module? The founding members of NetEnt casinos for high rollers, were starting as game suppliers for Swedish land-based casinos. They know what the audience worldwide demands from online betting experience. They devote their whole lives to the deal. From generation to generation they brought up the fundamental rules and morals.

NetEnt Gambling Houses Platform For High Rollers

The key years for the company were 1996, 2000. Standing at the origins of the business, when the company offered the real money gambling services, the system hasn't worked that well then. Through 6 years, it went the long way toward moving you from developing their own software to improving the site services in 2002, comprising the sports betting.

Innovative Gaming System

Let's get inside into the system, the NetEnt's Module. Why so many gaming suppliers choose this platform? Well, everything is clear, the tests have shown its 99.9% up time. And that's not all that attracts them, also the creators suggest the flexible operating of the software what makes possible for the operators to use it under the legislation, policy in their places.

The more especially as high roller online casinos are big for scheme of exclusive benefits for whales, take for instance, personal manager, bonuses, wagering, prizes, tournament tickets and etc. The game as well as each customer interface work well due to its dual-purpose management and game library system. The company puts the gambling soft above the rest, making it possible to supply clients with the flawless operation throughout the sessions.


high roller casino module Also, the policy of the soft doesn't strive to provide the single pattern of the platform, work, gaming, but many different options to supply the market, operators with the features they need.

Stability in Uptime

Another wonderful advantage, you get the effective and stable operation. That greatly reduce losses of money and users of the websites.

Award-Winning Products for High Stake Players

There are 2 situations when you can't choose: in the first one when you don't know the top-paying game title, if not, you are at complete loss which of the slots, tables, Gonzo's Quest, StarBurst, Dracula, Aloha, Mega Fortune, Live Roulette, South Park, The Invisible Man to launch first. Enter Jack Hammer, Twin Spin, Scratches, Space Wars, Tornado: Farm Escape where the highest bet ranges from $200 up to $500.

Support And Partnership of NetEnt Casinos

It collaborates with other organizations and partners with the well-known companies moving the Casino Module ahead of the time.

NetEnt Services

The high level of playing means bespoke games, qualified design, trained technical services and other subtle things the group can boast.


The crew assures it lives and breathes casino entertainment. At bottom in 20 years the group really made the meaningful graphics (motion & 3D) and feature assets's progress.


FREE! Do you think the operator refuses to check up a full, in-depth training session at gratis? That's why, keep in mind that the house proposes you all it can give away. Start analyzing the promotions and you will see the true value one or another website powered.


netent casino module for high rollers How does it work? It has the best "Customer Integration Team" that provides the operators with the info and pieces of advice on the cost-effective, fast integration of the projects and the clockwork operation of the sites. Also, the group promises to mind your requirements at every step, whether it is adding a mobile version or live casino. They have the knowledge, tools and technical solutions for compliance, called "market adapter", to make it.

Business Intelligence

With the details of preferred slots, devices, promotions, top game kinds list, performance updates and other key data, you can succeed in the business. The Net Entertainment presents such analytic to the partners, thus, your high rollers' preferences would be counted.

Regulated Markets

You may be sure of the safe, legal penetration of the Net Entertainment casinos at the market in Italy, Denmark and Spain. However, the best is yet to come!

Account Management

Want to have the tried-and-true business partner? Work with Casino Module, the process is built up in the consultative way. You can count on the consultation, hints, recommendation. Realizing the house's full potential, it affects the players, clients. So, be sure the host is trained, well-informed about the users' needs. Moreover, it suggests the range of exclusive programs, schemes to implement all the ideas.

Hosting by NetEnt

The company far-reaching availability granted by major offices through the countries guarantees the non-stop work. The websites lose cash if it crashes. Knowing all the angles, the NetEnt SLA or the Service Level Agreement, promises your peace-of-mind. Like the casinos, the whales should invest money in the places that works.

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