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Browsers For High Stake Players of NetEnt Casinos

NetEnt casino games are desirable for the swift and smooth play. However, the performance of its slots and other entertainments may vary from browser to browser. This article is a comparison of the most popular software applications, specifically of the features and instruments, which fit in with the NetEnt requirements.

Features of NetEnt High Roller Games in Browser

Browser games of Netent casinos for high roller players are loved by high rollers for the simplicity of their usage. There is no need in downloading any software or plugins to start playing. Usually, it is a built-in Flash support feature or HTML5, all the tools required. In addition, all the applications have a highly developed protection and anti-tracking systems, which minimize the risks of hacking. browsers and netent casinos for high rollers

Browsers That Support These Casinos and Their Specifics

Utility programs sort and copy data from your device, thus even the weakest computer runs all the modern browsers without problems, so there are no reasons not to launch NetEnt games. Let's not forget about updates: all web applications acquire new features from time to time what makes online gaming easier.

Google Chrome

Chrome is estimated to be one of the most suitable web clients in the online gambling world. The main features are swiftness and versatility. The program defaults to HTML5, but you can switch it to the built-in Flash Player upgraded with the entire version. Gamblers appreciate the possibility of blocking and controlling the unnecessary banners and clips. However, there are some peculiarities a high roller may not like. Chrome can be a little bit slow at first, as collecting cache and cookies from every page visited.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is appreciated by many people as the best browser ever. Mozilla grants tons of free and useful plugins. Its special Invisibility mode is great for additional protection. At the same time, every cloud has a silver lining, and this application may disappoint somebody as well. The excessive amount of side components may hamper the performance and the downloadable Flash Player, so needed for online casino gambling, may crash after several hours of work. So sometimes it is of considerable help to reload Firefox and clean it up from cookies and excessive cache.


Opera used to be the best browser for playing Flash and HTML5 applications, including online casinos. Right now it is not so popular, but still used by people to dip in online gambling. Among its features, the most noticeable are swiftness and flash friendliness. Now people may experience some problems with gaming: plays may be crashed or displayed badly.

The most annoying problem on NetEnt platform is the slow performance of some slot kinds and improper presentation of web pages. All in all, it is still a remarkable program for attending online gambling houses, as its unique way to download websites makes the process a bit slow, but trustable.

netent casinos for high rollers and browsers


Orbitum was developed as a social network friendly browser; however, the utility has many options compatible with NetEnt high roller casino games. This software has a lot of interesting in-built tools but still a simple and convenient design for users.

As for gambling, this application has never been on the very top of the lists but it is still good for Flash casino play. There were no significant problems with NetEnt, nevertheless, being based on the Chrome engine, sometimes Orbitum may suffer from similar bugs. Many gamblers will like its highly developed incognito mode, which may be useful for safer playing.


Safari is a well-built web surfing application with rather high rates of performance. This program has been conquering top places in different benchmarks concerning Flash games displaying. Many gamblers consider it to be good with NetEnt high roller online casinos games, because of the HTML5 improved support, and there was no substantial bug spotted.

If you compare the overall productivity of this browser with others, its domination is unquestionable. However, its functionality and design leave much to be desired. The key point of Safari is the simplicity. All needed plugins are built in the browser, so it's good enough even for the toughest gaming.

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